2012 John Hamilton Lifelong Learning Lecture: Stven Rose

Pr Steven Rose with organisers.

From left to right: Pr Andrew Derrington; Dr Anne Qualter: Pr Steven Rose; Dr Mark O’Brien

The 2012 John Hamilton Lifelong Learning lecture took place on Wednesday 31 October at the University of Liverpool. The speaker, the neuroscientist Steven Rose, spoke on the topic of ‘Being Human; Becoming a Person’ to an audience of 550 people: academic specialists; members of the general public; undergraduate and postgraduate students; schools; etc.

Steven Rose gave a fascinating talk that covered human evolution, the centrality of personal development to understanding the human condition, the importance of lifelong learning and that also debunked many of the myths of neuroscience and human biology. (We do not ‘only use 10% of our brain’, for example. Rather we use ‘all of our brains, all of the time’).

The John Hamilton Lifelong Learning Lecture once again has demonstrated that there is a thirst for ideas and dialogue about all aspects of our lives and of society. It has also once more shown what the University can to contribute to public life.

See the lecture here (each video will open in a new window or tab):
Watch Part 1.
Watch Part 2.
Watch Part 3.
Watch Part 4.

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