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Social Media in learning and teaching

Social media: It’s a way of doing things differently

Cristina Costa recently ran a seminar that covered uses of social media for learning and teaching. Cristina is the Learning and Research Technologies Manager at the University of Salford and was named the Learning Technologist of the year in 2010 (Association for Learning Technology). the seminar was for teachers-researchers who have heard of social media but do not have a great deal of experience with it. Cristina challenged the approach to using the web ‘as a book’ – just as a place to go and ‘look things up’.  She encouraged us to view the web as a place to set up challenges and inquiries for students, to use its social personal(ised) potential and overall to use the web to create.  To contribute not just to consume.  The session was really well received, full of ideas and links to new practical choices.  You can see a 3 minute summary of the whole session here (she also covered digital identity – yes we all already have one! – more on that soon).  The full video is here

Ian Willis

Not surprisingly Cristina has website: www.knowmansland.com: blog: (blog post has Cristina’s thoughts on digital identity) and Twitter: cristinacost

There plenty to explore!

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