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Poster Day Online – the advantages of presenting research online

Poster Day online has now been run as an alternative event to the campus Poster Day (an annual one-day event where Postgraduate Researchers showcase their work, this year held on the 26th of March) for seven years. Originally set up for off-site students, but with a now wider intake, we are expecting over 150 submissions this year, including both posters and videos. So as the two events diverge in focus further, what is the participants’ experience and what have we learnt from the online event format?

The statistics alone reveal a high degree of interaction, since all online discussions are recorded. In 2014, we had over 120 participants, who with visitors contributed over 1000 comments and responses, which together comprise an aggregate of over 91000 words. There were some very lengthy responses to questions, but it is probably not surprising that most PhD researchers are keen to respond to questions and discuss their research.

The event appears to show a strong sense of community. We do have an attendance requirement for formal completion, requiring participants to respond to at least two other posters, explicitly encouraging   cross-faculty discussions which clearly helps to start the discussions. Examination of the data shows that over two-thirds of participants contribute in excess of the formal requirements, with 20% contributing six or more comments on other posters.

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Poster Day Online – presenting research in an Online environment

Presenting work online is increasingly used to bring together geographically dispersed researchers, with opportunities to present research to a wider audience than is normally possible. Events are cheaper through avoiding travel time and expenses, but how useful are these opportunities for online networking?

Poster Day Online has been developed for off-site research students as an alternative to the Poster Day provided on the Liverpool campus. The online participants are a diverse group based around the world including mainland Europe, XJTLU, Malawi and more distant parts of the UK. The group also includes students undertaking fieldwork and those at conferences on the date of Poster Day. Our online event aims to offer a closely equivalent experience to that on Campus, as well as allowing these students to fulfil the “Poster Day attendance requirement” for their degree.

Inevitably there are large differences between the two events. With a disparate audience working across time-zones, the online event cannot have the “buzz” of real-time conversations. We allow three weeks for Poster Day online so that viewers can read posters at their leisure, in their preferred environment, and at their chosen times of the day.

The question and answer discussion area is necessarily asynchronous, but viewers, particularly students, produce considered questions and the presenters usually answer at length, with references to further resources if relevant. As in the live event, students vote on their favourite posters, and are encouraged to view posters from all faculties. For many students this offers a rare opportunity to view widely differing research topics.

The event has developed considerably from its first conception in Vital, largely in response to constructive feedback from past participants. Adaptation of the technology in Vocal has enabled many improvements in technology and design, most notably the automatic emailing of questions to speed up the discussion process.

This year, we have added the option of a gallery style layout to meet requests. The success of the online discussions is crucial to this event. In the first year of the event only a few participants actively engaged in discussions. Subsequently this participation was included into the “attendance requirements”, resulting in much wider engagement, but, while participants are asked to comment on two other posters, most engage much more widely. The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive:

It is quite innovative and I am enjoying the experience very much.” “Nice that you can spend a little more time frequently perusing the posters.” “It’s also really nice that people take the time to make comments, some in great detail

A major complaint has been of the lack of outside contribution from staff members in the University! To experience this years’ Poster Day online for yourself, learn of the research of over 60 participants and engage in the online discussions, see External visitors can access the event at  and login in using user-name: pdo2012;  password: Liverpool; We also welcome your feedback. You may add to our event feedback form, or offer your opinions on the benefits of this form of event below. How far can we promote active networking in an online environment?