PRACTICE: PGR Access to Career Training Inside Companies and Employers

PRACTICE is a university scheme to develop a short Knowledge Exchange project that will enable supervisors and external colleagues in partner organisations to strengthen their relationship.

These mutually beneficial projects should last no longer than twelve weeks and can attract funding of up to £500. The funds can be used for travel and subsistence expenses for research students, specific equipment (e.g. safety clothing for working on site), hospitality for colleagues meeting with industry, and project outputs such as dissemination of research findings and presentations. The fund cannot be used to pay the research student for their time. There are 20 awards to be given out to each Faculty.

Benefits for Supervisors:

  • Allows supervisors to be creative and to build and/or cement a relationship with an external organisation.

Benefits for Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs):

  • Part of their PGR Development Programme and can be done at a time to suit their research project.
  • Opportunity to practice valuable skills (project management, organisational awareness, communication), and opportunities to build networks.
  • They receive support from supervisor and partner organisation.
  • They gain the satisfaction of completing and presenting a finished short project in the field or industry related to their interests and expertise.

Partner Organisations gain the services of a PGR with a well thought-out and planned project. This allows them to gain strong links with the university and to meet potential future employees.

Example Project: Working in the Field: Dissemination of Initial Research Project results within the China Clay Industry, Graham Stanier, Supervisors Tom Gresley and Catherine Robinson. As part of his research this project involved Graham creating a report for a consortium of China Clay extractors which enabled them to reduce their energy costs. The report was made available to all staff in the consortium and had to be written with the public communication of research in mind.

Application deadline 5.00 p.m. Friday 1st February 2013.

The projects must use this money by the end of July 2013. For an application form click here:

Any enquiries please contact Dr Richard Hinchcliffe: