Nick Bunyan and Stuart McGugan visit XJTLU

We recently spent two weeks at XJTLU supporting new staff with the Certificate in Professional Studies (CPS) in Learning and Teaching programme. The visit was hard work, but a very rewarding and stimulating experience.  Working with colleagues at the XJTLU Learning and Teaching Enhancement Office we were given a new purpose-built teaching room in the new ‘hub’ central building on the campus.

The visit consisted of:

  • Two introductory sessions about the  CPS programme.
  • 16 learning and teaching workshops.
  • Eight presentations/professional dialogues.
  • General support for questions and queries about the programme.
  • Wider discussions with  managers to discuss how XJTLU could develop its support for learning and teaching as the institution grows and develops.

Reflections on the programme delivery  

The workshops were well attended and typically consisted of between 12 and 24 staff. Giving participants time early in a workshop to get to know each other works really well in this context. Many staff are very new to the institution and can have limited opportunities to meet and discuss learning and teaching issues with peers.

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