Internationalisation of the Curriculum

Experiences of internationalising learning and teaching was the subject of an excellent Continuing Professional Development (CPD) session hosted by the Centre for Lifelong Learning and delivered by Olivier Sykes, Urmila Jha-Thakur and Karen Potter from the Civic Design/Urban Planning department. Their work on their ‘International Planning Studies’ module has been recognised by the Association of European Schools of Planning by the award of the ‘Excellence in Teaching Prize’ 2014.

The session was titled Educating ‘world professionals’? – Experiences of internationalisation in the field of urban planning education at Liverpool, and centred on:

  • ‘A Journey through Internationalisation from learner to teacher to researcher’
  • New module development
  • Underpinning concepts of internationalisation and  ‘world professionals’
  • Reflections ‘from the chalk face’

Internationalisation of the Curriculum contributes to The University of Liverpool’s goals of providing students with the “ability to operate in culturally diverse contexts” and of “creating a distinctive and exciting learning environment for both international and UK students”.

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Directions in Evaluation Theory and Practice: the politics of evidence

Friday 12 December 2014

A one-day symposium

Symposium rationale

This symposium aims to address widely the ways in which ‘evidence’ is understood within the theory and practice of evaluation. In-so-doing it will regard the nature of what is considered to be ‘evidence’ as itself a political topic. The symposium will seek to contextualise evidence, its manufacture, its understanding and its deployment as inherently political as well as a being matter of science. It will also draw upon controversies within the social sciences regarding the nature of knowledge and the ways in which we understand our social world.

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We were hacked!

We’re back! You may not have noticed we were gone, but the Educational Development blog was hacked!

At the end of July we received a tip-off from JANET (the organisation which provides computer network services to UK research and education institutions) that they had detected activity from our blog that suggested it had been compromised. Straight away we disabled public access to the blog.

After some initial investigation it turned out that a vulnerability in the version of a WordPress plugin that we use had been exploited in order to serve malicious code to our users. As far as we know no-one was affected by this malicious code, and swift action from the University of Liverpool Computing Services Department (CSD) meant that the threat was quickly eliminated.

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