Digital Literacies – are we getting ‘IT’?

Harry Anderson (Guild President) & Anne Qualter (Director of Academic Development)
Harry Anderson (Guild President) & Anne Qualter (Director of Academic Development)
Last week Harry and I launched the first of a series of workshops looking at digital literacies. What are they? How are we developing ours? And what should The University do to support us? Questions like these and more kicked off the first event with about 60 people in a bright new Guild building room.

You can read all about it in the Digital Literacies working group blog:


What was brilliant about the event was that the participants were staff and students all equally engaged with the same knotty digital issues. And, although different people find different solutions to the same sorts of challenges, it’s not about staff versus students, it’s more about what’s best in different work contexts.

The debate was noisy and enjoyable with more questions raised and more avenues opened up than we could cope with. The next event on 18th November will focus in a lot more when ‘Have you ever Googled yourself?’ and other questions about career and digital identity management come to the fore.

Should be exciting! If you want to come along have a look at the web site and book a place:

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