First graduate from the University’s EdD in Higher Education

We are very pleased to have had our first graduate from the EdD, Rev Dr David Taylor, who is also a colleague here in the University.

David graduation single

The University first began its fully-online EdD programme in Higher Education nearly four years ago, in April 2011. The programme is run from here in the Centre for Lifelong Learning, in partnership with Laureate Online Education.

David attended the recent graduations in December in order to receive his doctoral degree. He is certainly highly positive about his experience on the programme, commenting for instance:

“Socially, the highlights have been the discussions and supervision, with friends and colleagues from around the world. Personally I have regained enthusiasm for learning. The biggest challenge has been to reorganise my life to make the space for the EdD – but I still write 3,000 words a week, which I never could before.”

The networking opportunities on the programme are intriguing, as it has attracted educators from more than 40 countries across the world. The participants on the programme come from a wide range of roles within higher education, and include senior institutional leaders, as well as lecturers, administrators and tutors.

All of us on the EdD team are delighted that David is our first graduate. When you work together in an institution there are always connections that surprise you. I had earlier supported David in submitting his application a National Teaching Fellowship, so it was fascinating to realise just today that he had used funds from this award to support his studies on the programme.

In the photo above from the Centre for Lifelong Learning are Dr Anne Qualter, Director of Academic Development and Lifelong Learning; myself as Director of Studies for the programme and Dr Ian Willis, Head of the Educational Development Division (Dr Taylor’s thesis supervisor); along with Professor Clare Pickles who is the Director of Online Studies for the programme at Laureate Online Education.

Dr Peter Kahn, Director of Studies, EdD in Higher Education.