Building a new picture of student learning in Curriculum Review

The Undergraduate Curriculum Review is central to enhancing the student experience and Educational Development is working with programme teams in all faculties, using a variety of approaches, based on the review type and programme team needs.  The Curriculum Coordinators Team coordinates and informs curriculum review activities, requests, enquiries and resource support across the University.

We are building up a picture of the various ways in which staff and students contribute to curriculum development.  The curriculum is conceptualised as the entire student learning experience.  Curriculum Review activities over the last year have seen some key areas emerge: student engagement, internationalisation, module options, assessment and feedback, blended learning, enhancing employability, skills development, and research-led teaching.

Curriculum Review Workshops – deliberations and discussions! Our work draws on a range of expertise in the university on learning and teaching.  Further, institutional strategy also informs curriculum review; currently, Enhancing Student Employability, Elearning, Information Literacy, and Learning & Digital Literacies Skills. Educational Development is developing a web site with initial advice and guidance for staff.  In collaboration with the Teaching Quality Support Division and Computing Services, we are developing learning and teaching resources for the Online Programme Planner a new tool that enables programme teams to build a programme of study including changes to specification forms.

You may be interested in trying out the new module specification planning tool, or for any curriculum review query, do contact us at: