Third Doctorate in Higher Education awarded

The Educational Development Division is delighted to announce our third Doctorate in Higher Education (EdD). Dr Alicia Salaz had a successful viva in April. She works in the library of Carnegie Mellon University – Qatar. Her thesis is titled: International Branch Campus Faculty Member Experiences of the Academic Library.

She used phenomenography to investigate the perceptions and experiences of academic libraries by faculty members across a variety of disciplines working in international branch campuses. The main research question asked how faculty members experience the academic library, with the objective of identifying qualitative variations in experience within this group. The findings of her research addressed established practical problems related to library value and identity, and have implications for practice in both the development and evaluation of library services for faculty members, as well as communication about those services with faculty members.

Alicia acknowledges that:

“Four years ago I was, intellectually, a fundamentally different person” and that the work has represented a “personal transformation”.


In a sentence she summed up her experience on the EdD:

“Just fun. I’ve learned more than I ever expected to in the last four years, and when I look back now I’m struck at just how much fun it was, in spite of all the work involved.”

Alicia’s thesis was supervised by Professor Clare Pickles (Director of Online Studies for the EdD at Laureate Online Education) and with secondary supervision by Dr Ian Willis (Centre for Lifelong Learning and Lead on the Internationalisation Research cluster in the EdD).

The University first began its fully-online EdD programme in Higher Education four years ago, in April 2011. We now have approximately 250 EdD students with 50 at the thesis stage. The programme is run from the Centre for Lifelong Learning in partnership with Laureate Online Education.

6 thoughts on “Third Doctorate in Higher Education awarded”

  1. It’s really wonderful to her that one of our colleagues has successfully reached the shore and been awarded her doctorate degree. Congratulations to Alicia.

  2. Congratulations to Alicia on her successful viva and completion of the EdD programme.
    Congratulations also to Claire and Ian as Alicia’s supervisors.
    Having joined Liverpool Online as a doctoral tutor nearly a couple of years ago I’m proud of being part of a such a wonderful team.
    Best wishes.

    1. Congratulations, Alicia! That’s so exciting that your hard work has paid off. I hope to graduate in September, 2015. Your success is encouraging.

  3. Great job Alicia,

    When I attended your presentation during last year’s residency, I knew you would successfully make it.

    Oscar Pacheco L.

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